Address by Kate Lundy at WelcomeAboard Launch

Sarah Pearson from CBR Innovation chaired the launch. Michelle Melbourne from the Canberra Business Council introduced Kate. Welcome everyone.  Thank you Michelle.

Michelle’s leadership of the Canberra Business Council has reinvigorated the profile of Canberra as a dynamic hub of ICT innovation. Through initiatives like Collabit, Chelle has led from the front in breaking down silos across the R&D and small business and customer base landscape here in the ACT.

This is perhaps most powerfully symbolised by the fact that we are in the CBRIN. The Canberra Innovation Network itself is the product of a strong vision for this region by the ACT Government. It’s successful operation is proof of the need for such spaces and the collaboration they can facilitate.

I am very excited and proud to be here today as the Chair of Welcomer, to launch our first product, Welcome Aboard. Welcomer is based here at the CBRIN and is a member of Entry 29. I acknowledge Dr Kevin Cox, the technology entrepreneur and CEO of Welcomer.

Success is in his DNA. Kevin Cox was the founder of Edentiti, the company that developed the identity verification service GreenID. GreenID is used by many of Australia's largest financial companies across Australia to meet legislated Know Your Customer requirements.

He is well known to many of you, and now you all know what he has been working on since GreenID.

Our product, WelcomeAboard helps employers on-board new employees, reduce costs, and comply with Australian statutory regulations. The Federal Fair Work Act 2009 requires employers to keep records about their employees, and the Australian Privacy Principles require an employer to make those records available to employees.

WelcomeAboard does both with simple elegance, delivering both privacy and compliance by design.

Its as simple as the employer using their dashboard to send the employee an email which links to WelcomeAboard. The employee completes the forms and creates their own personal dashboard, which keeps both sets of data updated.

It is estimated that it costs an organisation at least $50 to ensure all their on-boarding forms are filled out, signed, stored and processed. By comparison, WelcomeAboard charges $5 per active employee per year, adding significant cost efficiencies into your businesses processing.

WelcomeAboard is already integrated into Xero Accounting software, and the 100,000+ Australian small businesses that are already using Xero for their accounting, can get started immediately with WelcomeAboard. It takes less than 10 minutes to start using it, and the cost will be recouped once the first employee uses the system’.

Welcomer is also in a position to collaborate with organisations using different systems to develop integrated WelcomeAboard services.

The platform has a strong future, with collaborations planned with:

- Intelledox to make their smart forms even smarter - ViewDS to integrate with existing LDAP systems - Verifier Proof of Income so lenders can comply with the Credit regulations, - greenID to allow employers to comply with Know Your Customer regulations, - Auraya ArmorVox to provide voice authentication

Representatives of each of these companies are here today.

I would also like to introduce to you our developers.

Paul Marando

Glenn Grant

Joshua  (Josh) Godsiff – not here

Luke English

We have set up a few laptops to demonstrate how it works and any technical questions, here and here…..

And there is a video demo available if you haven’t already seen it. We will run it shortly for anyone interested.

WelcomeAboard for employers with Xero is the first of many such systems.  We will make it available to any employer with any payroll system or HR system with manual entry of data from the electronic forms.  We are also able to integrate it into systems such as MYOB and other payroll and HR systems on demand.

And finally, you can imagine the possibilities if you apply the methodology to any business customer or membership management system.

The advantage of the system from the point of view of the individual is that it keeps a record of the registration accessible by the individual, and makes the data in the registration available for other uses by that person. In this way, the individual only has to type in data once.

From the point of view of the business, agency or member-based organization, Welcome Aboard or indeed other apps using Welcomer can keep their database updated more efficiently.