Sharing Data with Welcomer

Entities in Internet systems connect with data elements. In a simple case, a system connects A with B using a data element X. Both A and B store the data they transfer. With Welcomer a copy of X is stored with either A or B or with Welcomer. Let us assume A connects to C with the same data element X. Let us assume B connects with the same data element X. This creates two further copies of X. Welcomer links the copies of the data element X as in the diagram.

If we now connect C and D with X then this is done by linking a new copy of X between C and D.

Either entity to a connection can specify with whom they are willing to share X and the applications that are allowed to access X.

When a connector X is made each party independently decides the meta-data for X within its system. There is no need to agree on names or meanings.

Each party alone determines what applications can access X.

A, B, C and D are autonomous and changes in X may or may not change the shared connector value.