A Single Member View

Member organisations face a particular customer service challenge. You require  a unified view of a member’s data, but their details are spread across systems.  Without that information, you might be making decisions in the dark:  not knowing the full story behind each member’s needs. 

Conventional approaches

Traditionally, achieving a unified view has been tackled by either

    Merging the information into a single database, or

    Federating databases so they are all connected via a single signon.

Each solution has drawbacks.  Combining the applications into a single database creates security risks: a honeypot of rich member data.  Federated databases with single-sign on poses privacy risks: how do you control who sees each member’s information?

Both solutions are costly: they require large-scale changes to existing applications.

The Welcomer solution

Welcomer presents a more agile solution to achieving a unified member view.

You simply install a version of Welcomer on each database application. The software makes direct links between the same data items for the same member across each database. Each database owner has complete control over what they share.

Simple to implement

Welcomer integrates seamlessly into your existing databases.  The software is added to each data silo without changing existing applications, or requiring extra programming.  Once the data links are established, data is available to other applications through standard API calls. 

Because Welcomer has a smaller footprint than other applications, you can achieve a unified member view at much lower cost.

Better customer service

With more information at the ready, your organisation can do more to serve your members.  Eliminate having to ask members for information they’ve already provided. Make decisions with all the context. Ultimately, with Welcomer you can offer a better member experience.

Welcomer in brief

Welcomer’s key features are:

  • It requires no change to existing systems.
  • Substantially lower implementation costs than comparable systems
  • Open-source software is used, for business continuity
  • Enables easy extension to view member's data in in other organisations, with their consent.

About the Welcomer team

We’ve developed innovative solutions for Electronic Identity since 2004.  While working at Edentiti the Team won the European Novay Digital Identity Prize for the best new Identity Innovation of 2011. The Team has decades of experience in the design, development and commercialisation of Identity and other User Centric systems. 



Welcomer CEO: Kevin Cox (PhD, MSc, BE)



Email: kevin@welcomer.me


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