Applications using Welcomer

WelcomeAboard provides employers with a service to meet their legal obligations and reduce their record keeping costs.

The Federal Fair Work Act 2009 requires employers to keep records about employees. WelcomeAboard lets your employees complete and sign the necessary forms online, in one easy place.

The Australian Privacy Principles require an employer to make those records available to employees. WelcomeAboard lets your employees securely connect to see their information whenever they like.

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Verifier - Proof of Income

Verifier uses the Welcomer Framework to provide a way for borrowers to electronically prove their income to the satisfaction of lenders. To find out more visit


Voice is a natural way for people to interact with other people and it is becoming the natural way to interact computers.

VoiceAuth combines Armorvox voice print with Welcomer sharing of data across applications and organisations.

Welcomer provides a generic API interface to Armorvox voice prints from any application

For example a roadside assistance app may use VoiceAuth.  A roadside assistance member could be asked to say the number plate of their car.  The first time a member had their voice recorded they could be asked if calls can be stored.

Each time a member called roadside assistance the voice would be recorded and would be used to strengthen and confirm the voice print and assist understand future calls for assistance

If a member has forgotten their password they could use the voice print recorded from roadside assistance to confirm their identity.

Later if a member hired a car from VoiceAuth enabled application the voice print could be used to confirm the identity of the person picking up the vehicle.

Welcomer provides APIs to the ArmorVox voice engine.

Welcomer provides a history of voice interactions to integrate voice data and identification data across applications and organisations.

Welcomer OCR

Welcomer OCR is a Optical Character Recognition module that can be used to enable customers to self serve data processing of documents they possess saving time and money.

Welcomer OCR is designed for developers to integrate into new applications via a RESTful API with data stored using the Welcomer Framework. Use whichever languages and frameworks your applications needs.

Employer and Employee Direct Enrolment in Participating Super Funds

When an employer uses WelcomeAboard they have the ability to join a participating superfund directly from WelcomeAboard.  This is useful as a way of selecting or changing the default MySuper Fund or when an employee asks to contribute to a super fund of which the employer has not yet joined.

An employee can also join a participating SuperFund directly from WelcomeAboard. That is, in the employee super choice selection the employee can select a new super fund and join immediately while filling out the Super Choice form.

Super Funds interested in becoming a participating Fund should contact us.

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