WLPC presents at Finovate Spring 2013

In November,2013 Rory Ford represented WLPC and Welcomer Technologies at the Finovate Spring Product Launch, which is a demo-focused conference series in financial technology. It was here that he presented the idea of Welcomer to an audience and here is part of what he had to say: "WLPC's first product is Welcomer. Welcomer will initially be focused toward ecommerce sites and the technology is intended across a range of different segments. Welcomer removes the need for websites to have user codes/passwords to identify returning customers. Websites that deploy Welcomer can - with the person's permission - allow the person to move personal data securely between websites. This includes personal details such as name and address, preferences such as clothing size or preferred seat and also a person's cards and accounts."

Rory Ford - Product Manager at WLPC, November, 2013

The full presentation can be viewed at: http://finovate.com/white-label-personal-clouds/