Welcomer Balances are long term, transferrable credits, that are only redeemable with Welcomer services.

Balances are adjusted for inflation.  When a balance, or part balance, is used the value of services it can purchase is increased depending on how long the balance has been held. The balance is adjusted by a fixed 20% yearly on the original purchased balance adjusted for inflation.

The balance calculations are:

  • the balance of credits is adjusted for inflation
  • the balance purchases the balance plus the number of years the balance held times 20%.

All balance calculations are additive.

Example Calculation


  • $1000 balance is purchased and in one year’s time $1000 worth of services are purchased.
  • Inflation rate is 3%
  • Balance time adjustment is 20%


  1. Adjust $1000 for 3% inflation = $1030
  2. Discount at 20% = $1030*20% = $206
  3. Total value of goods that can be purchased = $1236
  4. The $1000 is deducted from $1236 leaving $236
  5. The balance is drawn down by 1000 leaving $30 that continues to earn a discount plus $206 in discount that is adjusted for inflation.
  6. In a further one year the balance is ($236+ $30 * 20%)(1+3%) = $244.

Apply to Purchase Welcomer Balances